The Pink Dolphin (Hardcover)

THE PINK DOLPHIN (hardback), like THE LITTLE PRINCE, which many of us read as kids, it teaches us that there is a truer happier world beyond our own, only it is right here on earth, in our own communities, and most importantly of our own making. Simply rendered, beautifully illustrated, and delightfully entertaining, we discover anew that the world beyond ourselves enriches our own, that helping another helps ourselves and our community, and that in unity there is strength. True to itself, it's a spirited collaborative work which celebrates the spirit of collaboration. This is a must-read for kids and adults as well. Not only is it a brilliant illumination of great characters in an Edenic setting, it is an inspiration for us all: for kids working together on a science project, for adults working together to create work for the unemployed, for those working for peace in the Middle East, for basketball teams and ballet troupes and churches and synagogues and mosques.

The Pink Dolphin Hardback
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